Alternative to Gifting Flowers

A Wonderful Gift Forever Bouquet

A Perfect Alternative to gifting Flowers “Forever Bouquet” This is a Flower like Bouquet that can have Birthstones incorporated on …

Bouquet forever Pendant

Bouquet forever Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings

The ‘Bouquet Forever’ pendant is the jeweller answer to gifting flowers to loved ones on special occasions. Created with sumptuous pearls and birthstones by Designer and Maker Barbara Hall, this pendant is handmade to order and unique for each wearer. This pendants is created to be heirlooms of tomorrow as it seeks to commemorate and celebrates life special events. When worn it conveys its unique meaningfulness yet adds elegance, style and timeless fashion. Like flowers, the ‘Bouquet Forever’ pendant will impact long after a gift is given reminding the wearer of love, warmth and remembrance when worn