Bouquet forever Pendant

Bouquet forever Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings

The ‘Bouquet Forever’ pendant is Barbara’s interpretation of gifting flowers to mark special occasions, this is created with sumptuous pearls and birthstones.

Jewellery Designer and Maker Barbara Hall captures a bouquet of flowers with ‘cornflake’ pearls arranged delicately into the form of blooms. Each ‘Forever Bouquet’ necklace is handmade to order, unique, bespoke and customised. Following the arrangement of pearls, Barbara then adds in the selected birthstone or the birthstone of those loved by the wearer making this handmade pendant a personal, intimate and special gift.

Your ‘Bouquet Forever’ pendants is created to be heirlooms of tomorrow with mothers passing their ‘Bouquet Forever’ on to daughters, with sisters seeking similar pendants to celebrate family milestones and occasions. Pearls lend themselves to the timeless elegant and can move stylishly from generation to generation as the wearer celebrates occasions, like the birth of a child, a graduation and milestone birthday.

For over 20 years Barbara Hall’s jewellery is a gift to self and to others, to mark a special occasion, is cherished by the recipient, a symbol of love and care yet also a piece of elegant timeless jewellery.

Handmade in her Cork studio, Barbara reflects of the beauty of jewellery and how it adds to a women’s style and fashion sense.

Like the visual effect of flowers, her pendant will impact long after the gift is given, this elegant jewellery will remind the wearer of their special occasion, add a splash of love, warmth and remembrance when worn in the everyday.

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