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  • Sale! Red Jade Rhinestone encrusted Clasp

    Great Amanda – Red Jade Necklace


    Beautiful Rich Red Jade is a superb autumn / winter colour.

    Red Jade is an excellent support stone. It gives strength in the face of difficult circumstances and lends the fortitude needed to achieve one’s goal. [Ahsian, 213]

  • Lipstick Red Coral and Black Onyx Necklace


    Lipstick Red Coral and Black Onyx Necklace

    Coral is a semi-precious stone that grows in depths of 10 – 300 metres below sea level. They vary in colour from deep red to orange and light pink. It is naturally matte, but can be polished to a glossy shine. Red coral is said to calm emotions and bring peace to the person wearing it.

    Coral is said to enhance imagination and visualisation. From a physical aspect, it is said to assist with circulation and helps strengthen bones.

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