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  • Keshi Real Pearls

    A Bouquet Forever Bracelet


    Handmade in Ireland

    Jewellery to last a life time

    Bespoke Journey

    Start Your Creative Journey Today

    Original Art

    Scenic and abstract oil paintings from coastal Ireland

    setREVStartSize({c: 'rev_slider_1_1',rl:[1240,1024,778,480],el:[508],gw:[1500],gh:[508],type:'standard',justify:'',layout:'fullwidth',mh:"0"});if (window.RS_MODULES!==undefined && window.RS_MODULES.modules!==undefined && window.RS_MODULES.modules["revslider11"]!==undefined) {window.RS_MODULES.modules["revslider11"].once = false;window.revapi1 = undefined;if (window.RS_MODULES.checkMinimal!==undefined) window.RS_MODULES.checkMinimal()} The ‘Bouquet Forever’ pendant is the jeweller answer to gifting flowers to loved ones on special occasions. Created with sumptuous pearls and birthstones by Designer and Maker Barbara Hall, this pendant is handmade to order and unique for each wearer. This pendants is created to be heirlooms of tomorrow as it seeks to commemorate and celebrates life special events. When worn it conveys its unique meaningfulness yet adds elegance, style and timeless fashion. Like flowers, the ‘Bouquet Forever’ pendant will impact long after a gift is given reminding the wearer of love, warmth and remembrance when worn.

  • First Holy Communion Child's BraceletFirst Holy Communion Child's Bracelet

    Arora Crystal – Children’s Pearl & Crystal Silver Bracelet Communion


    Freshwater Pearl Child’s Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal & Sterling Silver.

    A perfect gift for any girl making her First Holy Communion or Confirmation.

    Made with freshwater pearls and sterling silver. A gift she would cherish for many years to come.

  • Crystal Bracelet with HematiteCrystal Bracelet with Hematite

    Crystal Bracelet with Hematite


    Crystal Bracelet with Hematite . Other coloured Crystals are available including Green ,Red,Dark Blue ,Pink,Turquoise and Clear. Just state at checkout if Red is not your option. Matching Necklaces can also be made on request. Hematite This powerful grayish black stone has been used for centuries as an alternative form of healing. It’s history dates back…

  • Solo


    Beautiful Freshwater pearl and rhinestone bracelet on elastic

  • Pearl and semi-precious stone Bracelet

    Sophie – 3 Strand Freshwater Pearls Bracelet w/ Stunning Freshwater Pearls and Semi-Precious Stone Clasp


    Like all semi precious stones freshwater pearls are said to aid in lessening stress and it’s resulting afflictions; hypertension, headaches and exhaustion. It is said that fresh and saltwater pearls can help to prevent heart attacks and stroke and can also assist in digestion and is said to help prevent ulcers.

    To finish your look wear as a set or individually on their own matching earrings & bracelet. A set all fashionista’s must add to their wardrobe.

    *Note that precious stone healing meanings are energy supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

  • Turquoise Hematite Bracelet


    Turquoise,  . This gorgeous turquoise and Hematite bracelate is a timeless piece that will always be in fashion. Turquoise adds a bit of bling to any outfit whether casual or dressy, worn in layers turquoise always looks great.

  • Ula - Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with Rhinestone clasp

    Ula – Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with Rhinestone Clasp


    Freshwater Pearl and Rhinestone bracelet with magnetic clasp