Purple Agate with rihinestone bead necklace

Lola – Purple Agate with Rhinestone Bead Necklace an Enamel Clasp



This beautiful purple tone agate and rhinestone bead necklace is a must have for any jewellery collection. Agate is an attractive stone that come in an array of colours and patterns. It is a soothing and calming semi precious stone which works slowly to bring inner strength, self acceptance and confidence to the wearer of this stone. Agate encourages to to stop worrying and to live in the “now” helping you to regain balance and harmony in your life and to release negativity.

Agate is also believed to improve concentration, perception and analytical skills encouraging practical solutions. Couldn’t we all use a little Agate in our life and are warbrobe!

If you would like a different length or colour variation of this necklace please contact us on Barbara Hall Bespoke

Additional information

Necklace Length

16" (40.64cm)






Agate, Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystals

Clasp Type

Chrystal Encrusted Enamel Clasp

All jewellery is hand-crafted and custom variations can be made to order.